I have been designing plugins for a number of years now. Mainly focused on guitar synthesisers and guitar processing, under the moniker ‘SentientFX’.

I have formulated a system for producing a very low latency digital guitar synthesiser by employing a novel approach to pitch detection and synthesis. I am in the process of refining the system with a view to possible commercial release in the future.

Typical latency times with these systems fall between 1.1ms and 3.5ms, much faster than the most current systems. These figures exclude operating system latency though even when this is added in, the synths are still faster than any commercial systems that I’m aware of on the market today.

Commercial operations have been on hold for a while now due to pirating activities undermining its commercial base but I’m looking at new designs employing a physical component to work in tandem with my plugins. I’m also looking into porting my designs over to the mac platform in response to a number of requests to do so..

Hexaphonic ‘homage’ to the Roland GR300 – the GW300.


Monolith – monophonic guitar synthesiser.


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