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One of my main instruments is the Aum guitar, an instrument of my own design played with an E-bow which gives a unique timbre by virtue of its electrics, physicality and novel performance techniques. The 6 strings are tuned, (in order) to: 82Hz,(E) 41Hz,(E) 164Hz,(E) 196Hz,(G) 246Hz,(B) and 328Hz,(E). Generally, melodies or ragas are played on the G and B strings with others providing the drones upon which most of my output relies for its tonal base.

The sound is rather reminiscent of the duduk or clarinet, to my ears I’m currently developing the instrument with Dave Farmiloe, an excellent Luthier from Northampton

Primitive version of the Aum guitar, bolted to six string electric.

early om guitar

Here’s are a couple of You tube videos of a Live gig and a demo of the Aum Guitar

My stage name is Gaznesh for this kind of gig.

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